Related to mental health:


Website packed with information for expats in Turkey

American Embassy Turkey

provides information ob emergency contact


British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies.

Craigslist, Turkey

A website to sell, buy, exchange, find...

Australian Embassy Turkey

Beck Institute

Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy.

Internations (Expats Istanbul)

Online community for expats in Istanbul

British Embassy Turkey


Bristisch Society of Clinical and Applied Hypnosis

International Women of Istanbul

Canadian Embassy Turkey


British Society of Clinical Hypnosis

Think'n Chat

A group that is interested in exploring ideas and discussing interesting topics, based in Istanbul

New Zealand Embassy Turkey

Hypnosis Information

A neutral source of information about the science of hypnosis.

Royal College of Psychiatry

Provides information on a wide variety of mental health topic for the general public