I love food, I love sweets, don't you?

Is it really reasonable to assume that you will or should be able to deprive yourself of foods you like for the rest of your life? But exactly that is what deprivation diets want you to do. They suggest that you stop eating sugar, or sweets, or fast food, or meat...

Yes, you can loose weight in this way, but in 95% of the cases you will gain more than you have lost after you end the diet. This is the dreaded yo-yo effect.

The problem is that if you deprive yourself of food and calories your body will counteract by slowing down its metabolism. Moreover, your mind will counteract it by craving exactly the foods that you you have decided to ban from your menu.

Research has shown that there are ways to lose weight healthily and steadily and without any yo-yo effect or craving.

This way will give you a weight loss that is not a "wonder diet" but allows you to change your eating habits step by step so that you will lose way gradually and maintain those new healthier eating habits.

The body will not go into a state of slowed metabolism as the daily amount of calories consumed will only be reduced by 200-300 calories per day so that neither your brain nor your body will feel deprived.

The core of the programme is to analyse your eating habits and find out where you have too high a calory intake without even noticing. Most people that have weight problems have gained their extra kilos gradually over years without really noticing by consuming 200-300 calories extra per day. Eating just 300 hidden calories extra per day means that you will have gained 10-15kg per year!

As the programme depends on your specific eating habits, it is an individualised programme. It will show you how you can beat those extra kilos in a sensible and healthy way without killing the joy of eating and living.

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