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There are a lot of upsides to living in Turkey in general and to living in Istanbul in particular. However, it can also come with challenges and problems. It can be comforting to know that support is available for times when things are not going so well. Of course there are excellent Turkish psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists, but I hope that I can help to improve the availability of psychological treatment in English within Istanbul and Turkey. I also hope that you will find the information I have put (and am going to put) on this website useful.

If you have further questions or to arrange an appointment please feel welcome to contact me directly via phone or email.

Kind regards

Axel Würz, M.D.


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Treatment Available Both On Asian and European Side

Psychotherapy, psychological help and coaching in English are available in Nişantaşı, Istanbul for those on the European side. For those who prefer the Asian side: treatment is available on Bağdat Caddesi, Istanbul (between Erenköy and Bostancı).

About this site

I called the website 'kontrol sende', which roughly translates from Turkish as 'you are in control'. Many problems that we have to face during our lives such as stress, anxieties, insomnia, pain, phobias, depression, traumatic experiences, illnesses and so on can make us feel as if we have "lost control" over our lives, as if there is nothing we can do to cope with these challenges.

In my experience the single most important step to take towards tackling these kind of problems successfully is to learn that you can put yourself back in control. My biggest goal is to help you to reassert control over your life by helping you to gain a deeper understanding of the mechansims that contribute to the difficulties you are experiencing and to show you effective techniques that you can use to make a positive change. Of course, noone can control every aspect of his or her life, as many life events are outside of human control. However, you can learn to take control of how these events affect you so that you can move on from them in a helpful way rather than to feel stuck.

It is useful to understand that 'mind' and 'body' are not seperate entities. They constitute a unity. For example, if you start learning a foreign language changes occur within the network of nerve cells of the brain in the brain centres engaged in producing and understanding language. Over time, these changes will allow you to speak the new language more and more fluently and with less effort. Not only learning a new language, but every learning experience  leads to changes within the brain. This also means that effective psychological treatments such as 'Cognitive Behaviour Therapy' (CBT) can be understood as a learning experience that leads to brain changes. This has been repeatedly demonstrated in studies using brain imaging techniques. These changes are likely to be the reason that after successful treatment with CBT of e.g. anxiety problems or depression the risk of recurrence of symptoms is substantially reduced compared to a treatment with medication.

Thank you for taking some time to browse through the information on this website. If you have further questions or to arrange an appointment please feel welcome to contact me directly via phone or email.

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